Is Boris Johnson a left-wing campus activist?

By Hobhouse. 21 Conservative ministers have been relieved of the whip, which deprives the government of not just wisdom but of dissent, too. Mr Johnson, before the emergency Brexit debate commenced, sought to coerce opinion and win the vote by threatening any rebel with the loss of his or her seat and with it, their … Continue reading Is Boris Johnson a left-wing campus activist?

Regulating the Sounds Spoken

By Hobhouse. “If you come to England, you must speak English”! This saying has many implications and inherent undertones to it, many of which are often mis thought or simply xenophobic. However, the adage does often garner wide support from “liberals,” conservatives and, of course, the far-right vocalists. Sajid Javid, Home Secretary, said in 2014 … Continue reading Regulating the Sounds Spoken

Corbyn, put your hands-up!

By Hobhouse The video that surfaced this week of British soldiers in Afghanistan taking aim at a picture of Her Majesty’s leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, cannot be exonerated from our current political predicament. This unflattering episode for the armed forces goes beyond left and right politics, it even goes beyond Brexit. It speaks … Continue reading Corbyn, put your hands-up!

It’s Parliament vs. the people, claims Brendan O’Neill

By Hobhouse Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked, wrote in a piece named “Parliament vs. the people,” that parliament “defied the people. They pitted themselves, arrogantly, against the public; against the very source of their political legitimacy.” He was writing of course about Brexit and specifically about the indicative votes, held on 28 March. O’Neill correctly … Continue reading It’s Parliament vs. the people, claims Brendan O’Neill