How intelligent are we? Its for our cells to decide.

Cattell, in the 1960’s, defined two sets of intelligence that were inextricably linked: that of fluid and crystallised intelligence. According to Cattell, one’s aptitude to solve for novel problems, apply cognitive tools to new situations and identify patterns, outlines their fluid intelligence. Crystallised intelligence, on the other hand, envelops one’s ability to take what they … Continue reading How intelligent are we? Its for our cells to decide.

An Intelligent Paradox Yielding Progress.

Studies of intelligence quotient (IQ) differences in a population seem to entail that the variance of intelligence between individuals is predominantly the effect of genetic difference. In fact, genetic variance is said to account for almost 80 per cent of the IQ variances in the population, leaving just 20 per cent of the variance to … Continue reading An Intelligent Paradox Yielding Progress.