The pollsters attempt to shift methods

The initiation of a nation-wide election is like the sunrise to statisticians and pollsters. Instead of the quintessential morning coffee, this most peculiar of creatures brews tea and, as a morning exercise, attempts to predict the ways in which the tea leaves will move. Pollsters attempt to use statistics in an effort to model voting … Continue reading The pollsters attempt to shift methods

Regulating the Sounds Spoken

By Hobhouse. “If you come to England, you must speak English”! This saying has many implications and inherent undertones to it, many of which are often mis thought or simply xenophobic. However, the adage does often garner wide support from “liberals,” conservatives and, of course, the far-right vocalists. Sajid Javid, Home Secretary, said in 2014 … Continue reading Regulating the Sounds Spoken

A Desperate Attempt to Look Tough on Immigration

A desperate whoofed of stench radiated from the pits of the Home Office this past week when they made clear their immigration targets took precedent over the British government’s commitment to human rights. Ken Macharia, a gay rugby player, faces deportation to Kenya, where it is severely taboo to be gay and is illegal to … Continue reading A Desperate Attempt to Look Tough on Immigration