Brexit’s Control of the Past

By Hobhouse

The Brexit induced Limbo is totalitarian in effect, in that the idea and its handlers continue to erode objective truth. Orwell, writing in 1943 for the Tribune, once opined that ‘the really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits “atrocities” but that it attacks the concept of objective truth; it claims to control the past as well as the future.’ And this is the epitome of what Dominic Raab, the current Secretary of State and campaigner for Brexit, intends to achieve; a moulding of the past as well as future, that is favourable to the idea of Brexit.

Mr Raab claimed that he did advocate for a ‘no-deal’ or ‘WTO’ Brexit during his campaigning for Vote Leave. He was attempting to suggest that he had always favoured this form of withdrawal from the European Union and that the 2016 referendum had given a mandate for such a procedure. ‘We made clear – those in the campaign – that we should strive for a good deal but, if that wasn’t available, that we should go on and make a success of Brexit,” Mr Raab said. Notice the intentional use of vague language here e.g. ‘make a success of Brexit.’ He is scuffling around with an attempt to say that, as he mentioned – during the 2016 campaign — making ‘a success of Brexit’ if a deal was not reached and is now is uttering sentences that include the word ‘success’ to describe ‘no-deal’, he really meant no-deal WTO trading terms all along.

Examination of Mr Raab’s 2016 interviews, polemics and speeches objectively clarify that he was at no time seeking to lead the British public to believe that no-deal was the option on the ballot paper. He did, however, enthusiastically and repeatedly describe his version of Brexit to mean a bespoke free trade agreement with the EU; not a one size fits all WTO arrangement.

Mr Raab would like us to doubt facts, take a coerced second look and yield to his opinion of history. He’s trying to doctor the received ‘mandate’ to achieve its sought after alignment with current (it changes every cabinet and prime ministerial change) Brexit ideology.

The bullies of Brexit will never relent on their efforts to consume Britain’s future and cataract our critical eye of the past.

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