A Desperate Attempt to Look Tough on Immigration

A desperate whoofed of stench radiated from the pits of the Home Office this past week when they made clear their immigration targets took precedent over the British government’s commitment to human rights.

Ken Macharia, a gay rugby player, faces deportation to Kenya, where it is severely taboo to be gay and is illegal to have same sex relations. The Home Office appears to know this, too: “Whilst same-sexual activity between men has been criminalised with a penalty of up to 21 years in prison,” wrote the Home Office to Macharia’s lawyer, adding that “this law is rarely applied and the objective evidence does not establish that LGBT persons are likely to be subjected to persecution or serious harm.” Thus, the Home Office has determined that a man’s wellbeing and life is worth a throw of the dice. After all, what’s the worth of a man’s life and family in comparison to a vote you could potentially pull back from the Brexit party?

The conservative party are so desperate to take hold of the whole jingoist vote, they’re willing to rip up a life that has taken nine years to build (Macharia arrived on a student visa in 2009). Its deplorable, but not unexpected. This is the party that sanctioned the “go home” immigrant buses and is prepared to put a leader in place who’s guiding policy is one that is built upon a xenophobic tendency: Brexit. This government is the one that oversaw the Windrush scandal, which saw as many as 83 naturalised British citizens wrongly detained, denied rights and deported to countries many of whom had not ever visited.

The conservative party is truly in danger of becoming an awful UKIP tribute act, singing the same tunes that got David Cameron to agree to a damn Brexit referendum in the first place. Now these tunes are endangering a man’s right to express himself and to live in a place he has endearingly made his own. Love for country is something the conservatives should be fond of. I guess it’s only a round of applause for love of country and human rights until there’s a chance to look tough on immigration.

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