Brexit is a proxy

By Hobhouse

If parliament accepts, on no-less than the third time of asking, Theresa May’s Brexit agreement, Britain will complete the mutilation (exit) on May 22. parliament has a week to make the cut (lawful ratification) or face the prospect of either taking part in the European elections or leaving with no agreement at all. Of course, MPs could always “take back control” and do what they know to be right I.e. revoking article 50. But ,regrettably, it is more likely that president Trump tell the truth than it is Members of Parliament discover their vocal chords.

How has Jacob Reece Mog’s wet dream become something more than just a wetting of the sheets? How has his second rate mind become the governing body of Britain’s collective conscious? Well, one answer is that Brexit is nothing more than a proxy war being fought for bigger cultural reasons, which the Brexiteers have managed to capitalise on.

The most pronounced difference between people who would’ve liked to remain in the EU and those who liked the sound of the slogan “take back control” is educational attainment; the second most pronounced is age.

Those who voted leave are also likely to be sympathetic to the view that vegetarianism should be outlawed ( see Piers Morgan’s virtue signalling regarding Gregg’s Veggie sausage roll) , that trans people aren’t people and that only people who speak English should be allowed a voice in “their country”.

Parliament have been attempting to formulate a an exit from the EU based on a referendum that, at base, was not about the short comings of the European institutions, but about British identity and culture. And until this real discussion is had, any form of Brexit, no matter how big the unicorn is, will fail to satiate the stomachs that demand Britain be anchored in the past.

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