Kamala Harris for President?

It has been amusing to watch President Trump’s hilarious upsurges and badly hidden rage concerning his Republican party’s loss of the House of Representatives. His encounter with CNN’s Jim Acosta was analogous to watching an inexperienced cover teacher trying to behaviourally manage a teen ridden high-school class. . .and miserably failing. Trump would like to … Continue reading Kamala Harris for President?

President Trump’s most dangerous proposal yet?


President Trump, in an interview for Axios that will air as an HBO special, said he plans to sign an executive order that will end birthright citizenship. Trump has had this idea floating around in his dullard of a consciousness for a while, usually under the term "anchor baby." The term anchor baby comes from … Continue reading President Trump’s most dangerous proposal yet?


Why Nationalism Persists

I, like many left leaning liberals, attempt to persuade my centre-right counterparts against nationalist apology and constantly warn against its allure. Nationalism encapsulates an implicit belief of superiority above all other existing nations and their associated citizens. This belief, when transformed into its toxic form, is often accompanied with the more tangible xenophobia or racism … Continue reading Why Nationalism Persists

How intelligent are we? Its for our cells to decide.


Cattell, in the 1960’s, defined two sets of intelligence that were inextricably linked: that of fluid and crystallised intelligence. According to Cattell, one’s aptitude to solve for novel problems, apply cognitive tools to new situations and identify patterns, outlines their fluid intelligence. Crystallised intelligence, on the other hand, envelops one’s ability to take what they … Continue reading How intelligent are we? Its for our cells to decide.


We are unconscious perceivers of emotion.

Often, when someone dashes a smile your way, you reciprocally dash one back, regardless of whether that person is categorised as a stranger or a friend to you – a social reflex you might say, or something of a contagion i.e. when one-person smiles, that communique is irrevocably passed on. You would have thought, as … Continue reading We are unconscious perceivers of emotion.

Why we shouldn’t care that UK employment is at a record high.

By Hobhouse The number of Britons in work has once again struck a new statistic, with a record 32.6 million employed between October and December, the Office of National Statistics’ figures show. The jobless rate, lingering at 4 per cent, remains at is lowest since 1975. Weekly average earnings also showed an increase of 3.4 … Continue reading Why we shouldn’t care that UK employment is at a record high.

Turning Point comes to Britain

By Hobhouse Turning point UK (TPUK), an off-shoot of their American counterparts Turning Point USA (TPUSA), was launched online in early February. The group describes itself as a “grassroots organisation deadicated to educating students and other young people on the values of free markets, limited government and personal responsibility.” TPUK seeks to challenge the general … Continue reading Turning Point comes to Britain


In recent decades, economists studying life satisfaction have noticed a pattern among their data, a pattern that is homogenous among different countries and cultures. Most people’s perceived happiness appears to take a nose dive in adulthood, reaching a low at forty or fifty years-old, before heading back up an incline. The relationship between life-satisfaction and … Continue reading Unhappy